Tina Patlas

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Country: Tamalampi
Dance: Marntipani (Seagull)

“I like doing my painting. The truth is, i’m a bit restless and its hard to get to sleep at night. Doing my painting helps me sleep better.”

Tina Patlas began painting for Jilamara Arts and Craft Association in 2002. Although Tina’s traditional country spans areas of south west Melville Island and south east Bathurst Island (including Wurrumiyanga) she grew up mainly in Milikapiti.

Tina also works part time with Territory Housing. She held the position as Treasurer of the Jilamara Arts and Craft Association Executive Committee in 2003.

Tina paints her own Jilamara design about country, ceremonial dance, Kulama ceremony and the wildlife of the Tiwi Islands.

As she was growing up she watched her Grandfather Holder Adams paint and sculpt where he lived at Timrambu. She says, “He used to sculpt toys for us to play with.This inspired me to become an artist.”