Marie Carmel Kerinauia

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Anjiluwi (Rain)
Country: Tamalampi
Dance: Tartuwali (Shark)

Marie Carmel Kerinauia was born in the bush at Paru, Melville Island, on the Apsley Strait opposite the mission on Bathurst Island.

Her mother was Kitty Kantilla’s sister. Marie Carmel was ‘grown-up’ by her mothers (in Tiwi culture, aunties have similar kinship relationships to the birth mother).

She came to live in Milikapiti as a young girl, where she married and raised a family. She began painting at Jilamara Arts and Crafts in 2001, developing her own unique style.

Marie has been exhibiting in Jilamara group shows since 2001. Her artwork has been acquired by The Laverty Collection (Sydney).