Kaye Brown

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Takaringuwi (Scaly Mullet)
Country: Andranangoo (Goose Greek)
Dance: Tartuwali (Shark)

Kaye Brown is a senior Jilamara artist who began painting in 2012. Prior to joining Jilamara, Kaye taught at the local primary school and worked at the library. Kaye is a proud grandmother to 15 grandchildren living across Australia. She is passionate about teaching culture to the next generation.

Her work has featured in major group exhibitions across the country since 2015. In 2018, Kaye was nominated for the 35th NATSIAA Telstra Awards and the inaugural King and Wood Mallesons Contemporary ATSI Art Prize.

Kaye paints using the Kayimwagakimi, the traditional Tiwi painting ‘comb’ carved from ironwood. Her work features themes about being on country on the Tiwi Islands, the sun, the stars, the sky and bush tucker.