Jason Joran

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Scaly Mullet
Country: Wulirankuwu

After studying at Kormilda College in Darwin, Jason returned to Milikapiti and has lived and worked here ever since. He has worked in various jobs including in construction with a local builder and at the Regional Council mechanic workshop. Jason is good at working with his hands and now spends most days in the carving workshop at Jilamara Arts and Crafts.

He always like the idea of joining Jilamara, but never found the time around other work commitments. His grandmother Freda Warlapinni was a famous painter at Jilamara in the 1990s and he remembers watching her work here. After a career in driving road machinery his uncle Linus Warlapinni retired to become a painter at Jilamara and enjoyed great success as an older artist. Jason joined to follow his family’s great success at the art centre and enjoys carving birds and painting on canvas. He likes to idea of learning skills from the old people and keeping culture strong for his children.