Glen Farmer Illortaminni

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Miyartuwi (Pandanus)
Country: Pickataramoor
Dance: Marntipani (Seagull)

Glen Farmer Illortamini was born between the Mango and Mulana trees where the last old house was standing at Milikapiti.  He grew up in Milikapiti and went to the local school.

Glen became a member artist at Jilamara Arts and Crafts in 1994 and has been an artsworker and cultural liaison officer for many years at the centre.

During a bush workshop at Jilamara conducted by the Australian Print Workshop (APW), Glen learnt how to etch and do linoblocks. Since then printing is Glen’s preferred medium.

He has collaborated with printers from APW, Charles Darwin University, Franck Gohier, Basil Hall and others. He undertook a printmaking residency at Sydney College of the Arts.