Dymphna Kerinauia

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Anjiluwi (Rain)
Country: Tamalampi
Dance: Tartuwali (Shark)

Dymphna Kerinauia is from a large family of artists. She is the niece of the late highly acclaimed Tiwi artist Kitty Kantilla (c1928 – 2003). In Tiwi culture the daughter of a sibling is considered to be also one’s own daughter.

Dymphna started painting at Jilamara Art centre in 2000 and was greatly influenced by watching the old lady, who would sit in her special chair, in the same spot within the painting workshop every working day. “ I use to sit with the old lady. Old lady would paint stories a lot about food, hunting. I paint body paint design, jilamara.”

“When I was little I learn from old lady when she was staying at Paru (small community on Melville Island) she told me things, like she made pukumani pole for man and women. She made a dot then a line. She wanted me to learn too. Old lady used stick, but I now use brush.”