Conrad Tipungwuti

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association

Skin: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Country: Wurankuwu
Dance: Jarrangini (Buffalo)
Dot Texture Short 2

“I saw ceremony funerals here at Milikapiti. My painting is coming from ceremony I saw here.

I like to go bush, help get buffalo meat, cook with fire on coals – smokey!”

Conrad Tipungwuti has been painting and creating prints at Jilamara since the late 1990’s, he now lives with aged care on Bathurst Island.

He has matured as an artist and developed a practice which displays unique characteristics – his work is full of expression and has a freshness and energy. His work embodies the sheer enjoyment of the very act of painting.

Conrad is a shy, traditional Tiwi man. He spends long periods outside at night, walking the community and the surrounding bush and shore.

The over-riding themes of his work depicts the late wet season Pakitiringa and “Kulama” initiation ceremony, celebrated when the sacred yams are ripe.

As with all artists from Jilamara Art Centre Conrad paints with natural ochres which are collected from around the community.