Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre

2 Thnranthin Street, C/O Pormpuraaw PO, QLD, 4892

Pormpuraaw Arts and Cultural Centre is situated in a remote Aboriginal community located on the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is the traditional homeland of the Thaayorre and Kugu tribes, and is a sanctuary for language, culture and art. Pormpuraaw artists work in painting, printing and sculptures made from ghost net.

Our Artists


Shipping policy

Prints and paintings will be posted rolled up in a tube.

Postage or freight for prints, paintings, small sculptures 100cm maximum will be included in price presented.

Large ghost net sculptures or large paintings will be dropped off at pack and send in Cairns or TNT and the buyer will be responsible for paying for packaging and freight.

Refund policy

If for some reason work does not arrive or is damaged on route then full refund is available.

We need to be patient with our postal service and other freight services due to COVID and Pormpuraaw being a remote outback location.


Return policy

Notification to centre that work has not arrived is required. Last year several works took many weeks because of COVID and issues with postal service. Tracking numbers will be sent to buyers.

If buyer does not like the work and wants a refund then they need to notify centre within 30 days of receiving work and pay for return of work. Once work is returned a refund will be made minus postage or  freight sending costs.